Get the Local Intel: Learn the mountain, fun facts & history with Copper’s free ambassador tours

by Lu Snyder


My family and I recently skied a new mountain. Though we studied the trail map intently, we still had many questions remaining as we tried to determine where to go first, what trails to hit, where to find the best views. “Wouldn’t it be great if we knew a local?” we wished aloud.

At Copper, you can – and it doesn’t cost a penny.

5 Reasons Why #ItsBetterOutside

by Courtney Wilson


Let’s be real, it’s 2019. Things are different now. You’re either tapping into Instagram, or you’re missing out.

Right? Wrong.

I could go on and say how the world is wide. I could repeat your parents and say that fresh air is good for you, but no one wants to hear that. You want to hear the truth, don’t you?

A Day at Copper Mountain

by Tracy Block

One of the best advantages of living in a city like Denver is the fact that a breezy drive to Copper Mountain is less than two hours each way! If I’ve had a long week, sometimes I treat myself to a Friday visit to the mountain, which is especially beneficial in avoiding weekend crowds.

Toast & Co.: Copper’s impressive brunch gem just got even better with an after-dark scene

by Lisa Blake

Toast & Co. is one of those warm-you-from-the-inside mountain spots you want to keep all to yourself and, at the same time, share with everyone you encounter. Copper Mountain’s attractive Center Village brunch nook has the deliciously sophisticated buzzing breakfast ambiance Summit County has been craving.

Camp Hale Outfitters in Center Village

by Tracy Greenhalgh


Last time I skied at Copper I unzipped my ski bag in Alpine lot and realized I hadn’t packed my gloves. After a quick flash of panic, I collected myself and realized I could easily find a pair at Camp Hale Outfitters in Center Village at the base of American Eagle chairlift. (Did I mention that the gloves I bought are now my favorite gloves I’ve ever owned?)