by Doug Blake

With more than 2,000 skiable acres, 140 marked trails and an average snowfall of 300 feet, Copper Mountain is certain to hide a few powder stashes for all skiers and riders on any given day. Take some time to plan your routes while working to bury your ski tips.


High on a Mountaintop (Union Peak)

When looking for fresh powder, “S” marks the spot at Copper Mountain. The Sierra lift will provide everything you need as a basecamp for deep turns and expert terrain all while experiencing the unique alpine environment that has given a voice to Copper free-riders for generations. Skiers access open bowls below Celebrity Ridge as well as the backside beauty of the Copper Bowl while accessing the Mountain Chief chair lift. When you’re ready to move on, don’t pass up the opportunity to head down Union Meadows for what’s certain to be the best run of the day.


Sierra lift at Copper Mountain


Go Bowling (Spaulding and Resolution Bowls)

When standing on top of Copper Peak, you can’t help but feel the ski resort’s diversity. Make the most of your line in the Spaulding Bowl—once you reach the bottom, you can’t get back to the top without a few lift rides. Head up the Resolution chair lift and lap the wide-open bowl while checking in on the many different run-out routes that will put your planks to work.


Get Your Diagonal On (Between Two Lifts)

The fastest way between two points is a straight line. Some of the best powder at Copper Mountain requires skiing outside the lines while scrambling for the fluff. Take advantage of the tilted treasures that lie between some of Copper’s most notable ski lifts. In between the Super Bee and American Eagle, find one of the best powder caches in Colorado. At the crux of Copperopolis and Collage, sits 17 Glade. Tree formations go from wide to narrow, while powder formations go from deep to deeper. Be sure to set your compass northwest as you head towards re-entry on Bouncer. Another glade begs for your attention between the American Eagle and the American Flyer. Exit the Flyer, head down Bittersweet and gradually move skiers left while cruising Sail Away Glade on your way back to the base. Ski tight trees, move up and over snow-fluffed rollers, or find some winter solace.


A skier makes her way through the trees skiing in powder at Copper Mountain


Last Call (Timberline Express)

Copper’s most manageable mid-mountain lift boasts a number of blue runs certain to elevate skier confidence while encouraging mountain exploration. Each run offers new opportunities to tuck into trees while pushing comfort levels on varied terrain. From spaced trees to open trails with perfect pitches, the Timberline Express is equally great on your first run or your last.


Earn Your Turn (Alpine Touring)

Uphill Access at Copper Mountain allows early bird and evening skiers the opportunity to work for turns before and after lifts are operating. Take some time to plan your route, prep your gear and head out for a unique, on-mountain adventure. Access is allowed from all three base areas and guarantees solitude, a cardio workout and first shots at fresh powder. Be sure to sign a waiver, acquire a free uphill access pass and leave Fido at home.

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